Safety Officer – Security

The Security Personnel and Infrastructure Security Officer or with the most well-known term SECURITY, is the most qualified professional of the kind, with COMPLETE TRAINING in self-defense and self-protection, identification of explosive devices, safekeeping of money, persons and premises and the UNIQUE OPERATION TO ESTABLISH A PERSONAL SECURITY ENTERPRISE.

Security Studies at VERGI VTI in Patras, do not remain in theory, but also provide actions organized by the Institution and are calling the students to practice in action. They attend all of the events of the VERGI Educational Group, they participate in self-defense and shooting workshops and become responsible professionals.

PROFESSIONAL RIGHTS OF GREAT VALUE: Graduates of the Specialty Security Personnel and Security Department participate in the EAPPP’s Qualifications Certification Examinations and acquire the State Level 5 Vocational Training Diploma, which ensures their professional climbing in Managerial Positions and the ability to create the Individual the Security Services Enterprise.

At VERGI VTI, the student has the opportunity to attend SPECIALIZED SEMINARS and EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES by giving him the passport for a successful career.

Professional Profile

The Professional Security Personnel has been trained to provide services aimed at guarding and protecting the property and the life of individuals when it is at risk. In particular, a Security Officer can suppress violations and criminal activities, help the community in the event of natural disasters, protect the lives and property of citizens, and much more. He has acquired knowledge of Criminology, Investigation and Legislation and perceives and manages emergency situations.

  • Health and safety at work
  • Professional ethics – work relations & personal quality
  • Environmental education
  • First aids
  • Criminology
  • Introduction to the law
  • Individual and social rights
  • Tourism
  • Practical application in the specialty
  • Social Psychology
  • Elements of criminal law
  • Elements of labor law
  • Investigating
  • Self-defense – self-protection
  • Public relations
  • Security of persons – facilities- money transfer
  • Forms of companies
  • Elements of criminal law II
  • Shooting
  • Neutralizing bombs and explosive devices
  • Elements of criminal procedure
Areas of Employment
  • Private sector and individuals
  • Public Organizations
  • Night clubs
  • As a Freelancer