Nursing Assistant

Pedagogical studies are the professional subject that combines responsibility, imagination, creativity, humor, patience and unlimited tenderness. This upgraded specialty as it has been recently formed, includes the sensitive Special Early Childhood Education, and this way is expanding the prospects for a professional career.

VERGI VTI in Patras enriches the Preschool Education program by organizing actions, theatrical performances, professional visits and seminars by prominent professionals and ensures collaborations for the practical training of our students with top pre-school centers. We participate in great corporate social responsibility actions and we take initiatives that indicate the sensitivity and seriousness of the pedagogical studies of VERGI VTI.

At VERGI VTI, the students have the opportunity to attend SPECIALIZED SEMINARS and EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES and this way giving them the passport for a successful career.

In Pre-school Education Program, a graduate Assistant Nursing Teacher acquires certified pre-school education, which gives him all the resources to work in preschool centers such as nurseries. In co-operation with the nursery teacher and the responsible nurse, can perform professional activities, create a safe environment and educate the child in special ways and handlings in order the kid to discover his / her abilities. The Nursing Assistant is trained at VERGI VTI in Patras, in a standard Pre-school Educational Lab, unser the supervision of responsible and integrated pedagogues. Their studies include Children’s Constructions, Musical Games, Theatrical Performances, Pedagogy, Psychology, Visual Arts.

  • General psychology
  • Pedagogy – kindergarten
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Technics
  • Music and treatment
  • Hygiene
  • Pediatric
  • Infant
  • First aid
  • Children’s literature
  • Workshop
  • Organization of the nursery
  • Elements of a healthy Diet
  • Puppet Theater – Shadow Theater
  • Game – theatrical play
  • Art
  • Special treatment
  • Psychopathology
  • Children with physical disabilities and adaptation difficulties
  • Children with mental retardation
  • Children with learning disabilities and speech disorders
Areas of Employment
  • Nursery schools
  • Creative employment centers
  • Freelance Worker at Private Kid’s Station