At VERGI VTI, are offered all specializations approved by the Ministry of Education. Even if the student wants to study a Journalism, to become a Television Producer or Fashion Designer, there is a curriculum that covers him. And for more specialized occupations and job searches, for example a “Computer Operator and Call Centers, providing information and customer service, for blind and visually impaired people only” VERGI VTI offers curriculums too.

Some of the specialties that have their own studies and their own degree are the following: Author, Reporter, Radio Producer, Organizing Production Coordinator, Personnel and Infrastructure Security Officer, Trainer of Candidate Drivers for Cars and Motorcycles, Technical Laboratory of Chemical Laboratories and Quality Control Materials, Apparel and Footwear Technician.

Suggested Specialties:

Journalism, Editors and Reporters



Trainer of Candidate Drivers of Cars and Motorcycles


In the same sector
  • Radio Producer

  • Organizing Production Coordinator

  • TV Producer

  • Technical Laboratory of Chemical Laboratories and Quality Control of Materials

  • Apparel & Footwear Technician (Fashion Designer)

  • Flight Coach

  • Air Transport Services Executive

  • Technical Operator for PC and Call Centers, Customer Information and Customer Service for Blind and Visually Impaired