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    Our Past Guarantees your Future

    Since 1960 on Vocational Training

    All specialties but…

    All certified specialties from the Ministry of Education are offered in Western Greece exclusively at VERGI VTI. Shared in the relevant fields, in VERGI VTI you will find the specialty of your choice. Why at VERGI VTI this year (the training years 2016-2017) is offered all the specialties but… none

    Whatever you need ...

    The flexible courses, your personal portfolio with your teaching material, your outfit, your work, your consumables, your facilities, your certified, experienced professors and the innumerable benefits of VERGI VTI are focused on You

    We are opening horizons you do not even imagine!

    • in Greece and Europe

    With scholarship and subsidized practice in Europe with Erasmus+ and participating in EU projects, VERGI VTI is there for you!

    Our Events

    Get Bachelor in 1 year with a scholarship from the Bedfordshire University

    The graduates of VERGI VTI are ranked directly in the final year of study, with no entrance examinations and no certification examinations. They acquire recognized University Degrees from DOATAP and Full Professional Rights in Greece and Europe.

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