There are many Applied Arts, they have many secrets and the laboratory approach is necessary. In VERGI VTI everything is guaranteed: modern workshops for every art, modern knowledge and deepening in their secrets and specialties and also Degrees in a wide range of Applied Arts.

Here is also the indicative list: Photography, Painting Art, Metalworking, Engraving, Fresco art, Ceramics, Mosaic Art, Interior Architectural Decoration, Objects Design, Music Technology, Video, Sound, Editing, Sketch Art, Illustration, Graphics, Moving Image, Electronic Graphics Design, Theater and Cinematic Art, Scenario, Direction, Scenography, Costume Design, Applied Dance, Arts, Music and Song, Graphic Print and Online, Maintenance Works of Art and Antiques, Jewelry, Construction Projects, Geology…

Suggested Specialties:

Graphic Design of Printed and Electronic Media



Video Capture



Electronic Picture Frame Operator (Monter)



Interior Architecture Decoration and Object Design


In the same sector
  • Art of Photography

  • Painting Art

  • Metalworking

  • Music Technology

  • Mosaic Art

  • Ceramic Art

  • Art of Fresco

  • Engraving Art

  • Literary Text Translation and Correction, Editing Texts

  • Art of Creative Writing

  • Art of Sketch, Illustration, Graphics

  • Video Slot Technician, Electronic Chart Drawing

  • Theater, Cinema

  • Scenario Art

  • Direction Art

  • Art of Scenography, Costume Design

  • Applied Dance Arts

  • Music, Song

  • Production Jewelry Technician

  • Designer of Structural Engineering & Geoinformatics

  • Handmade Jewelery and Designer Jewelery